~ Information for newcomers ~

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~ Information for newcomers ~

Post  Solent on Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:23 am

"good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter"


The Guild Rules


~ The forum consists of many minor categories of which i shall explain further ~

GMS Testing Server ~ Tespia
-Screenshots : here one may view and upload screenshots of the GMS test server. Screenshot related discussion more generally.
-Questions : for those of us who'd like to better understand Tespia via questions
-Discussion : concerns general chat relating to Tespia

Introduce Yourself
-where you are now! For introducing yourself to the forum members

-a very important area of the board where announcements are made. It also houses guild rules, among other important guild aspects
-Site Suggestions : use this to give us your views of the site

Guild Chat
-for any general chit-chat. Note-please keep the content clean

Maple Story Chat
-chat that directly relates to maple story. Please keep all topics here maple related

Guild Gallery
-post and view guild related pictures here

Guild Theatre
-post and view guild related videos here

-compete in challenges to earn prizes, as well as forming your own challenges - purely for fun

Bounty Hunting!
-post the names of those that have done you wrong in game here, for the right price another member of the guild may see to their downfall - alternatively become a bounty hunter yourself!

-all upcoming guild events are posted here

-General - contains general guides for the likes of party quests.
-the rest of the topics split up into class guides, that can support your characters progress

-post and view polls here - mainly for fun, though sometimes used to get an overall guild verdict on a matter (it's anonymous)

Random /f13/
-post all other things here. warning, this is a random spam section, anything, that's ANYTHING goes, thus if you're under 16, avoid this section please
-/r9k/ - an area for orginal random content only

Review and Preview board
-an area where you may view and submit reviews on all other games played on any other format (select the appropriate section)

Calender Dump
Don't use this section, it's purely where anything posted on the calender ends up.


Kamisama Points

These are simply a means of showing the dedicated members amongst the guild
for further information:


Kamisama Guild Bank

Yes, the guild has it's very own bank for various guild orientated uses. Further information here:


"personality before position"

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Re: ~ Information for newcomers ~

Post  Mozillo on Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:22 am

Pfft screw being 16... But yeah, if you are new i would suggest avoiding it until you are more mature. There is some weird stuff that goes on in there


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Re: ~ Information for newcomers ~

Post  BlastedS on Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:25 pm

Lol "weird stuff that goes on there" xD


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i made this

Post  xxxxpigxxxx on Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:53 am

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Re: ~ Information for newcomers ~

Post  MM_Addict on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:46 pm

xxxxpigxxxx wrote:
Go to www.abload.de

Click on Browse and find your file, then press ok.

Then hit abload!

Then wait until a new screen appears, you want the link by "Direkt Link"

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Re: ~ Information for newcomers ~

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